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Welcome to Sapphire Space

Your Success Starts Here

Sapphire Space is a vibrant co-working hub designed to uplift young businesses, students, and creatives. With multiple locations across London, we offer dynamic spaces and essential resources to foster success for individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds.

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High St

364-366 Kensington High St
W14 8NS

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Cultivating Leadership

Our focus on leadership development helps young individuals build confidence and skills to lead.

Resources for Success

We provide essential tools and spaces for young entrepreneurs to thrive in their industries.

Fostering Community

Building a supportive network is key, and our community is here to empower each other.

Mental Health Matters

Supporting mental well-being is part of our commitment to nurturing the whole individual.

Empowering the Next Generation

Beyond Just a Workspace

Founded in 2024, Sapphire Space goes beyond providing workspaces. Our aim is to raise leaders, host influential events, mentor, and train young minds for a brighter future. Our yearly events are a hotspot for networking, where aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives can connect and grow. With tailored mentorship programs, we strive to unlock each individual's potential and inspire them to reach new heights. Join us and be part of a community that nurtures dreams and empowers the leaders of tomorrow.


Your Questions Answered

Who can use Sapphire Space?

Our co-working spaces are designed for individuals aged 16-35 from ethnic minority backgrounds, particularly those starting careers in business, entrepreneurship, and the creative industries.

What facilities do you offer?

We provide hot desks, fixed desks, private offices, meeting rooms, event spaces, creative facilities, and a podcast/talkshow room. Some locations also include therapy and games/movie rooms.

How can I join the Leadership Academy?

To join our Sapphire Leadership Academy, visit our website for program details and application information. We offer courses in leadership, financial management, and more.

Do you host events for networking?

Yes, we host yearly events aimed at networking and connecting young entrepreneurs and creatives with industry leaders and peers.

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